Plane Fuel

Boeing 2016 • Web App • 0 → 1


  • Junior designer; responsible for most of the wireframing, visualization design, and specs for development.
  • Design strategy with Nate O. (senior UX designer).
  • Product shaping with Elham B. (idea owner).

Problems to solve

  • Boeing’s fuel consultancy business was not keeping up with airline demand and needed to become a scalable product.
  • This required us to capture knowledge from many fuel experts and make their processes repeatable and trustworthy while understanding how airlines can use this information to implement real policies that affect their bottom line.

💁 This visual shows the flight phases of a trip. Each dot here represents a “fuel initiative” – a self contained package of logic and evidence that airlines can use almost right away to affect fuel reductions.


  • An easy to use web app that surfaced fuel saving opportunities to fuel analysts at airlines and helped them quickly build detailed packages of evidence that complies with their business and legal rules.
  • The evidence can be as detailed as how a pilot flew a plane on a specific flight and what the weather conditions were throughout the flight.
  • The app also allowed fuel analysts to easily keep track of their many fuel saving initiatives.

The screens below are of the released product. There were many constraints on the team that caused discrepancies between the design and the final product.


  • Gol Transportes Aéreos, was able to realize 5.2 million kgs of fuel savings in 2016, one year after adoption, and saved 4x more the next year.
  • We averaged 2.5% potential total fuel savings compared to our promise of 1%.
  • This product is still in use today and serves dozens of airlines with thousands of planes.