✶ Nova Design System

Teck Q4,2021 to Now • Design Ops


  • Design lead of a nimble team of 1 front-end developer, 1 designer, and two coop designers to create an end-to-end design system tailored to Teck’s needs.
  • Main seller of the system across the organization to gain traction using a clear and conservative ROI. (Avg time spent per week by developers and designers on low-level design) x (Total number of developers and designers)


Material Design 2 was chosen as the system framework before I joined Teck. As the design team and product catalogue grew I saw the opportunity to greatly improve our design system. Selfishly, I didn’t want to have to explain basic components like buttons and inputs again.

New design principles

  1. Prioritize action and content over aesthetics
  2. Accessibility and localization considered at the start
  3. Create governance around design system evolution and collaboration

Some Examples

Example of revisiting a basic text input component — reduced visual complexity and animation for usability, reduced number of styles, create different size options, and testing on current use cases.

Example of a new component — split buttons