Input Planning

Teck Q4,2021 • Web App • 0 → 1


  • Main designer; prototypes, high-fidelity interactions, and specs for development.
  • Product shaping with Sayanti G. (product owner) and Shelley H. (product owner).
  • Research with UX Designers: Kristine K., Nife O., and Olga L.
  • Blend model creator: Joel T.

Problems to solve

  • Outdated data and awkward tools increases cognitive load for geologists trying to create the most efficient blend of raw coal for the processing plant to ingest.
  • This inefficiency compounds on bad days when multiple blends must be done due to issues in the plant or due to a complex raw coal inventory.

💁 You can think of the raw coal inventory as the raw ingredients in your pantry. The geologist is trying to create a recipe or “blend” to combine these ingredients into something edible (washable) for the processing plant and nutritionally balanced (quality) for our customers. The yields of the processing plant are highly dependant on the input (GIGO applies).


  • An intuitive and easy to use web app that encourages geologists to “play” with blend creation and promotes trust with up to date data.
  • Incorporates a coal blending analytics model that lets geologists know what coal is not compatible with each other.
  • Incorporates a simulation model that recommends a best possible blend.
  • A virtuous loop can be created where a geologist’s blend’s performance can be compared with alternatives to improve both models.


  • Expected 25% better coal blends.

Future Directions

  • Move upstream and consider how information here can loop into longer term forecasting and planning. This could improve our sales channel and resource allocation.
  • Move downstream and consider how the processing plant can prepare for incoming raw coal to generate better yield.